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Channeling, as it is used here, is the act of bringing through a communication from an entity of immense love and wisdom (usually, but not always, Vywamus) who is not in a body (disincarnate entity). Sometimes a channel is referred to as a medium.

Joel’s intention when giving a channeling session is to get his personality out of the way as completely as possible so that the client and the spirit entity are having a dialog. A session often follows a format of an opening statement by the guide tailored for the client and where s/he is on the journey followed by questions and answers. The client can ask anything s/he wants; nothing is too big, too small, too controversial, etc. However, if the spirit world believes that it will not serve the client to receive an answer, or if the guide doesn’t have permission to answer a particular question, he will very gracefully decline.

A channeling session is a way for the client to receive help dealing with whatever issue(s) they choose. It is not intended to teach the client to channel him/herself; however, if that is what the client wants to ask about, that is fine. Joel believes that we all have the capacity to channel to some degree, just as everyone has the capacity to sing. Some people sing better than others and some people, by working hard, increase the quaility of their singing dramatically and some people, no matter how hard they work, won’t be qualified to sing for the Metropolitan Opera.

There is another form of channeling worth mentioning. We all have a part of ourselves that’s connected to the oneness of the universe. When we pay attention to it, it is really a form of channeling, except that it is not a separate entity. You might know this by the names intuition or guidance. We can all benefit from honing our skills to listen to this part of ourselves, and in fact, all of the work Joel does has this focus.

Vywamus has “dictated” a welcome message designed to:

  • welcome you to this site
  • introduce you to channeling if you’re not familiar with it
  • further your journey.

Another message explains a little about channeling and love.

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