Welcome Message

All the specifics you need are contained in these words and within you. You do not need lessons from someone or something else. Of course, everyone needs help and guidance on their path. But the key here is to learn to tap into the wisdom of the universe which is so profound that it has the answers to every possible question and to know that you have that knowledge within you. It is not in your mind; it is in your greater consciousness; this is such a difficult concept to explain. You have the power to connect to, in fact you are already connected to, the wisdom of the universe (also the love and every other attribute as well). Allow yourself to believe that it is there and that you can reach it and touch it; and you will be able to. It may take practice. For some you will be able to do it the first time. For others it may take years. However long it takes, do not give up hope. You have the power. You have just hidden it from yourself. You feel it is safer not to have it. Know that nothing could be further from the truth.

Take a moment again to be in silence. When you are done with this paragraph just sit quietly with your eyes closed. Sit up straight. See if you can imagine the wisdom and love that I speak of. See if you can imagine what it must feel like. If you are able to imagine it, you will feel it. It is yours for the taking.

Are these instructions still too general for you? Perhaps you have a crisis such as how to deal with a boss who is unfair or a lover who is unfaithful. How do these lofty ideas and ideals relate to worldly concerns such as these. The answer, my friends, is that they do and quite easily. If you can imagine that there is only love in the universe and that every negative experience is a distortion, you can begin to understand that it is what you bring to an experience which causes it to be negative for you. When you face a situation with which you are having difficulties, stop for a moment. Tell yourself that there is a distortion here. Tell yourself that you want to be in love. If you really mean this, then eventually the way will be shown to you to resolve the situation. It may be that your attitude changes and this is sufficient. It may be that something seemingly unrelated happens to fix it for you, such as your boss being promoted and a new supervisor coming in. Or it may be that you and the other person find yourself better able to work out your differences. However it happens, trust that you have created the change by your shift in attitude. As I have said before, you may need help with this. No person can follow a path such as this alone. One needs the help of loved ones, workmates, etc. But one also needs the assistance of someone who can help you see things more clearly. This person could be a spiritual counselor, a psychologist or psychiatrist with a spiritual basis to their practice or a channel such as this one. It matters not. What matters is that you are willing to do the work and that you work with someone who can have the distance from your problems and the expertise to tap into the collective wisdom to help you.

If this lecture has intrigued you at one level, but also left you with more questions than answers, trust that there is something here for you. Meditate on it as often as you can; every day if possible. The answer will come to you. But do not take what I have said on blind faith. You must recognize the truth in it for yourself. If you follow this or any other spiritual teaching blindly, you give up your responsibility to yourself and to others and run the risk of following a path which is not of the light, or is not purely of the light. Do not fear making a mistake, yet be vigilant and learn to trust your own inner guidance, your intuition, so to speak. It will not lead you astray.

And now I will take my leave. I have given you much to think about and to experience. If you decide you wish to speak with me directly, you can contact Joel and arrange a session. If you have the ability, or perhaps more accurately, if you have recognized and developed your ability to channel, you can contact me directly. And if some other source is right for you, another source with which you resonate more, then pursue that avenue. Godspeed. Be in peace and know that you are Blessed.

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