On guidance & love

You try it. You succeed and you fail. When you fail–when you fall of the horse–you get back aboard and keep going. “But Vywamus,” you say, “this sounds so simple, so basic, like common sense.” But of course it is! What we have to offer you is not so profound; it is really quite simple. If you were able to experience the simplicity without your issues, your baggage so to speak, you would not need us to tell you the simple things. There is an elegance, a grace, an order to the universe. It is simple and profound at the same time. Do not discredit yourself, nor build yourself up because you have these simple thoughts yourself. Do they work? Are they helpful? Then it does not matter where they come from, who gave them to you, how simple or complex they are. They just are truth. It’s that simple.

Now we would like to go on to another topic. Are you ready? You do not have to accept what we say. You only need to be willing to hear it with an open mind. If you are not, that is ok. Perhaps you will be ready at some other time. There is no rush.

What is love? Love of parents, children, friends, lovers, pets, flowers, whatever? Of course, they are all different. But they have something in common as well–a willingness to experience the thing being loved in its true form, without preconceived ideas, without worshipping it or him/her and without judging it. That is all. When you experience someone or some thing in reality, that is love. It is that simple. But, you say, how can that be love? Love is so much more that that. No, it is not. It feels like much more because you are not used to experiencing things in truth in this way, in reality. So if you do not love someone or some thing, ask yourself, how am I out of reality here? What painful experience am I trying to avoid? What lie am I trying to tell myself? This may be difficult at first. It may be easier with some things than with others. Do not assume that you should be perfect the first time, that you should be an expert from the start. It is like any other skill–some people do it more naturally than others do and everyone must practice to get really good at it. Eventually, it becomes like second nature to you.

If you would like to try this, pick something that is not too difficult. Do not pick someone you hate or a type of food you hate. Try it with someone you love usually, but do not love in a given moment. Or try it with someone whom you feel neutral about. Or try it with a flower that does not seem attractive to you. Do not start out with Hitler for you are not ready. Just as you would not start on the expert slope as a beginner skier, do not start on the “expert” slope in love. This is a simple concept my friends. It may even appear simplistic to you. Let me say to you that nothing could be more profound. If you could truly learn and live this lesson, your life would be so different, you could not imagine. It would be fulfilling beyond your wildest dreams. It would be pleasure beyond anything you have ever experienced.

So we say to you. Try this. Practice it. And love yourself when you do not live up to the standards you hold for yourself. For who better to love than yourself?

Go in peace. Go with God. Be blessed.

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