The focus of Flowing Spirit Healing is to help people on their journey back to God. (Of course, you don’t need to see it this way to benefit from our services.) The doorway through which people enter can be a need for physical healing, a need for emotional help, a need for guidance around life events, and/or help with conflict with another. Think of it as entering a house by the front door, the back door or the side door. The view is going to be very different depending on which door you go in, but you’re still going to be in the same house! Our existence here is about our relationship with our innermost being. And this relationship (or lack of it) has profound impact on our lives.

As with most journeys, there are myriad different ways to approach it. No matter which way you go, you’ll get there. However, how long it takes, how hard you have to work, whether your feet get wet, etc. can be greatly affected by which route you choose. Joel uses a few different routes but all are intended to help you get home as quickly as possible.

How are they similar?

They help the person to:

  • realize his/her true potential which is so much greater than we can even imagine
  • let go of doing what the personality wants, which doesn’t work very well (even if sometimes, for a short time, it looks like it does), & surrender to our innermost will which brings us incredible joy


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Channeling, as it is used here, is the act of bringing through a communication from an entity of immense love and wisdom (usually, but not always, Vywamus) who is not in a body (disincarnate entity). Sometimes a channel is referred to as a medium. Joel’s intention when giving a channeling session is to get his …


Spiritual Healing The healing work that Joel does really has its roots in two different traditions: Pathwork® and Sufi healing. As he experiences them (very generalized and simplistically explained), the focus of the Pathwork® lectures is through an understanding of spiritual laws and our behavior and using that understanding to shift our energy and attitudes …

Success Coaching

Success coaching is essentially a form of healing (see Healing) with a specific focus. It is listed separately because Joel was certified by Jeff Rahim Bronner as a Bronner Success Coach. Success Coaching is a very powerful way to clear the impediments that stand between us and the abundance and success that the universe wants …


Mediation is essentially a specialized focus of healing. It is spiritual law that no person has to suffer so that another can prosper. There is a solution to any conflict that serves everyone involved. Many disputes are born from a misunderstanding or a lack of understanding of what the other person needs or wants. Of …