Walk your talk

Walk your talk 

First, cleanse yourself, your motives. Examine everything you do from the perspective of “why am I really doing this? Is it for the reasons I say, or is there something else going on as well?” The surface motive may be true, but not the whole truth. So explore your intention.

Second, ask God for help. You can, of course, ask for help from angels or other disincarnated spirits such as us, but we encourage you to ask for God’s help. If you do, God will send the help that is appropriate.

Third, and perhaps most important, be open to receive the help. That sounds easy, you say. “Vywamus, why do you say to be open to receive the help. I wouldn’t be asking for help if i didn’t want it.” Well, again, that is true and not true. Of course there is the part of you that asked for help and wants help. But there may well be a part of you that you are not aware of, or only vaguely aware of, that doesn’t want help; that likes the status quo; that doesn’t want to heal, etc. It can be hard for people to accept this about themselves. They want to think of themselves as pure, as righteous, as honest, etc. They are afraid that if they find out that there is a destructive part of themselves that that is all of who they are. No, my friends, that is not true. Who you are is a Divine Manifestation which has distorted an aspect of its divinity. Seeing the truth won’t take anything away from you; on the contrary, it will free you and help you and heal you. So make a commitment to knowing the truth about yourself. Reaffrim it every chance you get. Your sincerity, your diligence, will pay dividends far greater than any financial institution could ever dream of.

Go in peace. Walk with God. Be who you truly are. And thank you for your efforts in this regard.

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