Losing Weight: Clear the spiritual weight to clear the physical weight

State your intention, preferably in writing. Be clear, concise & precise. It might be something like, “I want to know the truth about what keeps me from losing weight.”
Make a conscious effort to open to knowing the truth. If there are places of tightness in your body or in your mind, see if you can relax them.
Pray for help
Now be in a receptive state such as meditation. But unlike many forms of meditation, pay attention to what comes up. Write down what comes up–childhood memories, physical discomfort, seemingly unconnected but significant thoughts. Trust what comes.
Keep praying, particularly if you don’t seem to be receiving anything. It may be that you are, but it’s not coming in the form you are expecting. If you need to, pray for help to receive what God wants to show you.
When you feel complete with this process, the next step is to go back & explore what you found. What is the truth about it? Are you willing to make a different choice? Perhaps next time we’ll go into this in more depth. But for now, just exposing the truth in this way may actually shift the behavior for you.

A couple of notes:

If you have trouble with the second step above, switch you intention from what you originally wrote in 1 to finding the truth about what’s holding you back. This is really important. If you meet obstructions, you have to stop and clear them.
It’s good to apply the intention to know the truth to all aspects of your life; not just this exercise. I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase: “The truth will set you free.” It will. Looking ahead it may seem like it will be painful or even unbearable, but really, it will set you free and when you look back you’ll wonder what all the fuss was about. But you have to try it to know it.

It can be very helpful to work with someone when doing this kind of work. If you would like to explore that possibility, please feel free to call or email me.

Happy hunting!

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