Healing any relationship

Stop. Notice that you are triggered. Do not respond.
Notice how you feel.
Ask God to show you the truth.
Ask yourself what early incident or type of incident the current situation reminds you of.
Imagine yourself in that early situation and see if you can get in touch with how you felt back then.
This part of you is in “child consciousness.” It probably thinks it is going to die.
Come back to the current situation. See if the feeling is similar.
Ask yourself “ Am I really going to die? What is the truth here?” Pray again if it feels right. Listen to the answer from within.

This sounds like a simple process.  . . And it is. But being human, it is not always easy. You might be able to do this in 5 minutes (or less) and diffuse the situation. But you may have trouble with any of these steps and you may have to work with it when you are out of the situation. You may even need to get help with it from a Pathwork Helper or healer.  or other professional. So if it doesn’t resolve easily, gracefully excuse yourself from the situation until you can be less triggered. Your relationship will be glad you did!
Ok, you’re thinking: “I can’t just excuse myself from a situation like this. I’ll look ____ (stupid, weak, whatever). Well imagine if someone said to you: “You know Joel, I can feel I’m triggered by what you just said. I don’t want to fight (or whatever your way of reacting would be–maybe submit or attack) with you about it, so I need to change the subject so I can work on my reaction later.”  Wouldn’t that be a relief? Wouldn’t you appreciate the person’s honesty and appreciate them for not dumping on you or attacking you? As the little kid in the commercial used to say to Mikey who hated everything, “Try it; you’ll like it.”
If you take this level of self-responsibility seriously, you will notice that the people who you thought were “jerks” now seem less so. In part they are probably shifting in response to your new approach, but the primary shift will really be in your experience of them. Can you feel how empowered this makes you?

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